River wonders: water trekking and canyoning

Walking near a clear and lively river, discovering its life and animals is only possible thanks to a naturalistic guide unveiling the river's secrets for you!
Our activities of Water Trekking respect the river and the life in it. Walking for hours in the water could endanger its inhabitants and ecosystem, that is why our natural guide will walk with you along its shores and help you crossing it when needed. It is the perfect experience for nature lovers who want to discover the river respecting its life.
During the trek you will take advantage of the explanations that our natural guide will provide you about the river, its flora and fauna. Little waterfalls, lakes, canyons will show up during this amazing adventure. Enjoy the river and its wonders with us!

Guide: professional naturalistic guide
Costs per group:
½ day trekking
1-4 people 130,00 €
5-10 people 160,00 €
full day trekking
1-4 people 240,00 €
5-10 people 300,00 €

Canyoning is a real adventure! You will walk and climb the most beautiful gorges created by our rivers and you will see a river as never before.
The experience involves using a variety of outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping or swimming, but do not give it up!
Canyoning can be for everybody and is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, provided you are not afraid of heights. Our naturalistic and speleological guide will guide you through the most beautiful canyons in the area in the safest way and with all the equipment needed. You will walk through narrow gorges with numerous drops, beautifully sculpted walls and beautiful waterfalls. With our naturalistic and speleological guide you will discover all the secrets of the river and the canyon and try yourself out in nature!

Guide: professional naturalistic and speleological guide
Minimum age of the participants: 14 years old
Costs per person: 65,00 € (min 3 participants)

This experience might not be ideal for those who suffer from vertigo, dizziness or claustrophobia.